Custom Art Commission

Have you found a lovely piece of art in our gallery and want something like it with your inspiration and ideas? 

custom Art


Do you have an art idea you hope to bring to life? Inspire us to create custom artworks for your space or as gifts. At Exum Art, we create and commission custom artworks based on your ideas and get them delivered to you within a short time.

Specify the size and type of art you want and we get it done. If you need the art to match your room's interior, no problem. Tell us your idea; we give you the art.

Follow these simple steps

Get Inspired

Personal photos, ideas, environment & more can inspire you to desire custom art.

Work with us

Share your ideas with us, we’ll provide sample sketches to you & then create custom artwork for you.


You'll get the piece of artwork delivered at the agreed time from our artist.

Complete this form now to bring your ideas to life.

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Trusted and professional advisors for you

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Experience to give you a better results

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