Pro Tips For Selecting Home Artwork

Pro Tips For Selecting Home Artwork

Are you moving into a new home or planning to redecorate your home? One of the most difficult tasks for you will be selecting the right home artwork. Thankfully, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you select the right piece of art. The artwork in a home is a testament to the personality and style of the homeowner. Here are some professional tips that can aid your home artwork selection process.

Bedroom Art

The bedroom is the ultimate relaxation spot of the home and the artwork selected should reflect that. The best spot for art in the bedroom is directly over the bed or on the wall facing the bed. Large art pieces with soothing colors are best for your home. Ensure that they are hung at eye level so they’ll be the first thing you see waking up.

Home Artwork



Not everyone has a piece of artwork in their kitchen but there is no reason why you shouldn’t. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house and it should be just as beautiful as other rooms. Contrary to bedroom arts, you need to keep your kitchen art small. Funny prints also tend to complement the kitchen space and they can be placed on the countertop and cabinets.


The bathroom is another room that is often neglected when selecting home artwork. Ensure that you pick an art piece that agrees with the general theme of the bathroom. For example, select bright pieces for a powder room and calming pieces for a master bathroom. The perfect spot for bathroom art is over the toilet or bathtub.

Livingroom Art

The living room is one that you’re likely to enjoy decorating the most. However, you should also be careful when selecting living room art because this is where all your visitors have access. Choosing the right piece can help your visitors settle in and even provoke a conversation. It is best to opt for a large piece that reflects your interest.

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